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There is no doubt that one of the biggest focal points when entering a home is the staircase. Being the pioneer in staircase trends means you need not just choose the best look possible, but you need the staircase to coincide with the character of your home. It is a large piece of furniture, so it is important to get it right. As stair trends come and go, as do architectural trends. We have included this classification as merely a guide into the unknown. Setting a trend is not an easy task as everybody’s idea of ‘difference’ varies so greatly, but with the right design flare and guidance, you could be setting the new standard.  

To describe or classify this style of staircase is not an easy task, nor is it simple to describe what elements go into forming a ‘trending staircase’. Points of difference and / or fundamental features are a good starting point in trying to achieve this.

Factors such as colour, lighting, contours, shape, geometry, material and textures, are just a few elements of a staircase that can classify it as ‘Trending’.

Features to help you start the next 'stair trend'?


The stringer is essential in supporting the treads of the staircase. These stringers can be concealed in a wall, form part of the balustrade, be made from a thin metal material or be made to standout and be the focal point. The design or profile of the stinger could mimic the tread and riser outline, it could be set a certain distance in from the edges of the treads or even be a uniquely designed spine supporting the treads.  

It is, however, imperative when creating your staircase design that the strength of the supporting stringer isn’t compromised. If you can get over that hurdle, then anything could be possible.

Treads & Risers

Standard thicknesses of boards that form the treads of a staircase are 30mm, 40mm, and 68mm but can be custom made to suit various requirements or designs. The treads can however have a profiled shape or design to them, or they could be thick box shaped items that look to be stacked one on top of another, they could also be from a combination of materials like steel and concrete or stainless steel and solid timber. If the loads that are applied to each tread of the staircase are considered and overcome, then your imagination is your only limitation.  

The riser boards are usually 18mm thick but can be as thick as 40mm. Once again, customized sizes and shapes can be incorporated as well. Alternatively, Open Riser staircases designs, and semi-closed riser designs are a very useful way in complimenting a staircase trend. The distance that the tread of a staircase can span without the support at certain points, will usually determine your limitations in your desired riser appearance.  


A ‘Trending’ balustrade designs could be as simple as constructing dwarf walls at a compliant height, around the perimeter of the staircase or stair void in a certain material or finish. Plywood veneered panels and plastered walls are a trend that comes and goes quite frequently. Flat metal panels that could be coated in a multitude of colours and finishes are another way of creating that ‘Point of Difference’.

Other factors of creating a design to suit, would coincide with the home’s décor. More modern, minimalist designs would possibly involve glass or other clean and simple materials with darker features. Contemporary designs could involve beautifully grained timbers in a multitude of finishes, with creative rectangular or circular balusters in an interesting layout and the minimal use of newel posts.

The possibilities are there to explore, so get thinking, be creative, and start the new stair trend….. before we do!

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Trending Designs

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