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We design to perfection

Founded by two knowledgeable directors, Designer Staircases passion has always been to push the boundaries of staircase design and innovation. Not being afraid to experiment is what brings these new staircase designs and concepts to the Australian staircase industry. Priding ourselves on making others follow is what keeps Designer Staircases the leaders when it comes to the latest trends and styles in custom staircase design and manufacturing. With over 22 years in business, our knowledge of ‘The Art Of Staircases’ will allow you to access a wide range of staircase and balustrade designs. Our manufacturing facility incorporates field leading design software working in unison with state-of-the-art CNC machines of which force precision and accuracy into the manufacturing and assembly process. The staircase designs we create, derive from the ever-changing fashions and trends that make our building industry so diverse.  

Why Choose Us?

Because no other staircase company can tailor to your needs like we can Every staircase design is as individual as the next! No two staircases are ever the same, whether it be the design, shape, measurements or the materials. So, with such a vast array of components that are all combined to make a staircase, you want to be certain that it is built correctly and looks amazing once completed. Designer Staircases has the knowledge, expertise and experience to create any staircase that your home requires.These designs can include but not limited to any of the following
  • Timber Staircases
  • Steel Staircases
  • Hampton Style Stairs
  • Steel Spine Stair Designs
  • Beach Style Staircases
  • Contemporary Stairs
  • Curved Staircases
  • Architectural Staircases
  • Modern Staircase Design
  • Traditional Stairs

We Didn’t Invent the Staircase

But we have perfected it !

We most certainly do not just make staircases. Being one of NSW largest staircase suppliers has allowed us to provide our clients with many other custom designed, manufactured and built products. Our clients have always struggled to find the niche items that they desire for their homes. Their need for these items increased our product range to allow all of our clients to have access to these custom products. These can consist of external balcony balustrades, internal and external privacy screens, aluminium awnings and timber feature screens, laminated  benchtops and joinery along with many other components that can be incorporated to enhance the appearance and feel your home. Our large team of skilled designers and tradespersons keep our workmanship to a standard of which you will not find available from any other staircase company in NSW. Our vast array of staircases and other products are showcased in our gallery. Start to create those individual pieces for your home now. We also have different Stair Design Styles . With this we also got some of the different style for External Balustrades. We have different Design styles on Instagram , Facebook   .

Servicing our builders!

Staircases don’t need to be complicated

Staircases can be daunting to the untrained person. Putting your trust in an experienced and passionate company will make the difference. Your staircases certainly don’t need to be a tedious item to choose as there are countless decisions that need to made when building your home. Designer staircases have been designing and building staircases for over 22 years. Our knowledge base and respect in the building industry allows small, medium and larger scale builders to confidently engage us to create new and exciting staircase and balustrade designs to suit your new display homes. These staircase designs are produced in a way that make them   adaptable and interchangeable with the various house designs on offer. This in turn enables your clients to have access to their dream staircase. Our sales team are on hand to aid your clients in selecting what they require and to also to work with builders to ensure that all projects are completed successfully. Our Stair Studio also allows your clients to come in for a consultation to allow to fully understand and visualize their staircase. Our areas of service on the East Coast of NSW ranges from Newcastle to Kiama and stretching out to the Blue Mountains. We can also offer Kit Form Saircases if the need arises. Feel free to call our team if you have any questions on the areas we service. We will always strive to do what we can to allow our clients access to our products. Designer Staircases specialize in custom made Timber and Steel Spine Staircases, Modern Stairs, Hamptons Stairs, Curved Stairs, Classic Stairs, Stair Trends  

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