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Our guide to stair lighting

Whether you’re opting for an architectural staircase or a more practical staircase design that simply gets the job done, it’s important to light your staircase properly. You could do this either with artificial lighting fixtures or by finding ways to bring natural light into the house. 

A few options for lighting your staircase include:

  • Installing internal or external high lights or windows over the doors at the top and bottom of the staircase to help illuminate the stairs
  • Adding stair lights down low or ceiling lights over the stair void
  • Taking advantage of a sun tunnel or solar tube in a terraced home or in a staircase in a limited space.
  • Adding a concealed lighting strip to your staircase to help make the staircase area more illuminated
  • Place the stairs next to a large running window
  • Add a skylight above the staircase to let in natural light
  • Add a glass balustrade so that light can more easily flow from one room to another.

While there are many ways for you to illuminate your staircase, the type of lighting you choose will depend partly on what staircase design you are opting for. An architectural staircase with sharp angles and a glass balustrade may involve having your staircase builder to integrate provisions for LED wall or stair lighting to add a modern elegance. Or you may ask your electrician to add wall or hanging lights that complement the Victorian or Hamptons style of staircase to compliment the space.

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