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Contemporary Designs

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This is summed up with modernist and sleek, minimalist and gorgeous. These staircase designs combine simple, clean lines and the effectiveness of vertical balusters in a dark finish or the inclusion of crystal-clear glass panels of which complements the minimalist look and style. The cool dark metal components balance well with the modern and warm feel of the solid timber treads and risers.  

The stigma that contemporary designs have usually been cold and impersonal has been challenged by our stunning staircase designs. We prove that contemporary staircase designs can be fresh and striking and can bring warmth and a homely feel into your house hold, whilst impressing your visitors when they walk through your home.  

What makes a Contemporary Style Staircase?

There are numerous ways to express Contemporary when designing your staircase by using different textures and colours of various materials in numerous sizes.An overview of this type of staircase style could include the following:



These structural components carry the treads and risers of the staircase. Contemporary dsign includes Open Rise, Cut Stringer and Cantilevered stringer designs.There are various species of timber that can be used that could be painted, lacquered or stained, alternatively they could be made from a coated steel. Timber stringers come in a range of varying widths that suits.Steel stringers can be from either rectangular sections that are 150x100mm or 200x100mm. Contemporary staircase designs also utilize steel plate stringers of varying widths and thickness ranging from 10mm to 12mm or thicker.

Treads & Risers

These are essentially what you walk on when using your staircase. Varying species of timber are used with different styles of coating. Contemporary staircases are rarely finished with a carpet. Solid timber treads come in a range of various thicknesses. 30mm, 40mm, and 68mm are the most commonbut these can be custom made to suit countless requirements. The risers are usually 18mm thick but can be customized as well. Generally, the risers are the same timber species and finish as the treads, but Contemporary staircase designs can also incorporate an open riser as well which allows more light through and emphasizes that classical Contemporary look.


Contemporary designs include 10mm or 12mm thick glass panels, dark coated steel balusters that are round or square in shape and commonly utilize timber species that tie in with the treads and risers. Sizes of these can vary greatly depending on the desired look. They can also involve rectangular  vertical timber elements in a larger section size than most other staircase styles inhibit. These vertical components, combines with a rectangular shaped handrail of a similar size, forms the unique style of balustrades associated with that Contemporary look.  

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