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We have countless innovative designs to suit your Modern home. But what defines ‘Modern’ when it comes to choosing your staircases ?……. Really, it is anything that is up to date, ahead of its time or cutting edge. Being creative is what makes you the ‘Trend Setter’ . Staircases and Balustrades in the modern home can include most material types. Ideally the colour tones don’t vary dramatically in a modern stair but that’s not to say that it wouldn’t work if undertaken correctly.

Large stairwell walls with huge towering windows are one of the most popular places that our customers configure their Modern staircases around. Our homes our getting increasingly larger in size, so huge open void areas allow for more light to flow through and bring that wonderful feeling of ‘open space’ .Full height feature timber dividers and decorative screen designs are also commonly used as they make a dramatic, beautiful impact and will add instant value to the home due to their uniqueness.  

Glass is predominant in the balustrade design of a Modern staircase, but many staircases are similarly made which apply a combination of using glass with either a coated steel, stainless steel or surround. Alternatively, these modern designs include can include dwarf walls of which are usually built with framing and plasterboard and painted to match the rest of the walls in that area.  

What makes a Modern Style Staircase?

Modern is New, Exciting, Pioneering or Revolutionary. The basis of these Modern Staircases is achieved by commonly using the following components of which could include the following:


Fowler Marsden (7)

These components carry the treads and /or risers of the staircase. They can be made from various species of timber that could be painted, lacquered or stained, or they could be made from a coated steel. Timber stringers come in a range of varying widths that suit different applications of which are 30mm, 40mm, and 68mm but can be custom made to suit. Steel stringers can be from either rectangular sections that are 150x100mm or 200x100mm. Contemporary designs also utilize steel plate stringers of varying widths and thicknesses. Alternatively, we can design staircases with floating treads of which hides the stringers in the walls, so they are not visible.  

Treads & Risers

These are an essential part of your staircase otherwise you would not be able to walk up it without them. Closed in risers are just as common as Modern staircase designs that include an open riser design. Varying species of timber are used with different styles of coatings. Timber treads are available in various thicknesses. These come in 30mm, 40mm, and 68mm but can be custom made to suit various requirements or designs. The risers are usually 18mm thick but can be customized as well. The risers can sometimes be the same finish as the treads, but Open Riser staircases designs are very common in Modern staircase designs.  



Modern staircase designs include 10mm or 12mm thick glass panels, dark coated steel or brushed finish stainless steel balusters that are round or square in shape. Various shaped Stainless steel and coated steel handrails that tie in with homes décor are commonly used, but timber handrails are popular as well. Sizes of these can vary greatly depending on the desired look. Modern staircase designs can also integrate plasterboard dwarf walls as the balustrade design into them as well.  

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