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Classic Designs

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The Classic Staircase design is in some way ‘self-explanatory’. These designs will always be present and always in fashion. This style of staircase can include stairs that are square in shape, curved, flared or straight. There is not a common theme in their appearance, but there is an abundance of handcrafted elements, beautifully flowing handrails and classical ornate newel posts.

This style of staircase combines beautifully grained timber components with crisp painted finishes, elegantly shaped timber or mental baluster designs, and even hand crafted turned balusters that compliment the style of the home.

Each Classic Staircase design will always be embedded into our popular Australian architecture.

What makes a classic style staircase?

Classic involves many materials and textures of which all combine to make each individual staircase unique, the following are the common materials that we incorporate into our Classic stair designs;


These components carry the treads and/or risers of the staircase. They are generally a Closed, Cut or Open Rise Stringer design made from a paintable, stained clear finished timber. These stringers come in a range of varying widths that suit different staircase constructions of which are 32mm, 40mm, and  68mm dependant on the design.  

Treads & Risers

Timber 03 B

Solid timber treads and risers is the common material of which could also include a carpet runner. Alternatively, carpeted staircases would be constructed from 25mm or 32mm thick MDF treads . If a solid timber finish tread is desired , then these are available in 30mm, 40mm, and 68mm thick. The risers are mostly 18mm thick in most instances and can be either be the same finish as the treads or painted to suit the stringers and other similar coloured components


The balustrade designs used on a Classic staircase are almost endless. They range from 32mm or 42mm Square balusters or various rectangular sections as well as the popular turned balusters or distinct custom designed balusters that are available in various materials and finishes. Ornate wrought iron baluster designs are also common of which can be custom designed or selected from a wide range of individual shapes. Painted or strained / clear finished timber handrails are all common. A wide range of sizes and shapes are offered to suit every decor.

Painted, Clear or Stained timber newel posts are all used in various section sizes varying between 88mm, 110mm, 130mm and larger . These come in various designs, with different decorative caps or finishes to the tops of them. Custom turned designs are also available in this category.  

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