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Economical Staircase designs don’t need to look rudimentary. These are essentially a const-effective means of getting from one floor to the next whilst getting a functional and interesting staircase design to suit the home. This range of staircase design is commonly utilized in many project homes as a standard inclusion.

This style can include staircases with a painted finish, carpeted treads and risers with a simple timber or metal baluster design, or a staircase with clear coated treads and handrails, with the remaining elements being painted. It is most common for most of the materials to be painted, with the occasional lacquered or clear finished timber components used to provide subtle highlights.  

Keep in mind that the style of your staircase needs to be implemented to match in with the home’s general decor and style.


These structural components carry the treads and risers of the staircase. They are generally a Closed, or Cut Stringer design made from a paintable, stained / clear finished timber. These stringers come in a range of varying widths that suit different staircase constructions of which are  30mm or 40mm thick, dependant on the design.  

Treads & Risers

Carpeted staircases are very cost-effective, safer for children to use, and are predominantly constructed from 25mm or 32mm thick MDF treads. If a tread with a solid timber finish is desired, then these are available in 30mm thick. The risers are 18mm thick and if chosen, can be made in the same material and finish as the treads, or they can be painted to suit the stringers.  


The balustrade designs used on these Economical staircases include Square balusters in a 32mm or 42mm sizing for a paint or stained / clear finish, as well as the most popular options of either 12mm square or 16mm Round balusters that are available in a Black finish or a Brushed Stainless Steel. Handrails are usually painted, but stained / clear finished timber handrails are popular as well. A wide range of handrail sizes and shapes are available to suit every décor. Painted newel posts are the most popular in the Economical styled staircases but nevertheless the stained / clear timber newel posts are also included and are all available in 88mm section sizes. The newel posts come in various designs, with different styles of newel caps or finishes applied to the tops of them. Custom hand turned newel post designs are also commonly used in this category.  

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