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Hampton’s has become a popular design, especially in recent years. Hampton’s style interiors are bright, light, fresh and airy with natural materials and timber floors combining to create a coastal vibe that makes you feel relaxed from the moment you walk in the door, and this theme needs to continue as you move between the different levels of our home. Hampton’s also demands fine craftsmanship, and this is evident in the staircase designs.  

Large painted newel posts highlighted by hand crafted profiles and trims, American Oak treads and handrails along with painted risers and balusters finished in crisp whites and neutrals, all form the foundations of a classic Hampton’s style staircase.

Hampton’s Style doesn’t follow the basis of “less is more”! This style shouts ‘Grandeur’ and ‘Opulence’ so don’t hold back! Be sure to make a statement piece that will make your family and friends envious.

What forms the perfect hamptons style staircase?

Hamptons used a lot of natural materials and painted finishes so to achieve the perfect Hamptons theme, we incorporate the following into our staircase designs ; 


These components carry the treads and/or risers of the staircase. They are generally a Cut Stringer design made from a paintable timber. Hampton style doesn’t generally consist of a stained or lacquered finish stringer. The stringers come in a range of varying widths that suit different applications of which are 32mm, 40mm, and 68mm dependant on the riser configuration. Hampton’s staircase designs can be Closed Riser and Open Riser as well.

Treads & Risers

You would not be able to walk up a staircase without treads. Most Hampton’s staircase designs have risers, but Open Riser designs can be effective as well. Varying species of timber are used with varying styles of finishes. American Oak and Victorian Ash timbers are the most popular, but all species come in varying thicknesses. 30mm and 40mm thick stringers are common but can be custom made to suit various requirements. The risers are usually 18mm thick and are mostly of a painted finish . The risers can sometimes be the same finish as the treads .  


Hampton’s staircase designs are predominantly made up of timber 32mm or 42mm Square balusters but can also be rectangular sections as well . The painted finish of the balusters tie in perfectly with the décor of this style of home. Solid timber handrails are very popular as well. Sizes and shapes can vary but they mostly a ‘Ladies Waist’ or a ‘Rectangular’ profile. Hampton’s Style balustrades must integrate large painted newel posts. These have feature panel designs, decorative trims and skirting and will often include larger bottom newel posts which can be slightly different in design compared to the other newel posts for that added ‘Grandeur’.

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