The Process

The design and construction process of constructing a staircase generally involves 5 main steps

  1. On-Site measure or Plans sent to our office
  2. Staircase components selection and quotation  
  3. Stair Design and layout
  4. Manufacture
  5. Installation

Site measure/drawings 

This involves either coming out to site to do a site measure of the area where the staircase will be located or sending or visiting our office with the plans and/or drawings.
From these measurements / drawings we can work out the size and shape of your staircase which is required to produce the quotation.

Component selection and quotation  

For us to quote the staircase accurately, it is necessary to advise us what or how you would like your staircase to look. Methods of doing this can involve browsing through our website and brochures or going through magazines and brochures and picking out certain aspects or designs that will compliment the style of your home. If you are not sure then our sales team is certainly able to guide you with some options and help you make a decision on your new staircase. From there we will quote your stair and balustrade then send you an easy to understand, detailed quote with a drawing of your staircase design. Most staircase companies do not supply a design and layout thus leaving you no option but to presume that the staircase company is going to supply you with what you are paying for. We can provide accurate sizes and dimensions and 3D drawings of how your completed staircase will look.

Stair Design and layout

Once we have received the signed quote and deposit, our design team will draw your staircase to fit the location and design that you have agreed on. Any special material that is not in stock will be ordered once the drawings are finalised and from there the drawings will passed onto our production manager who will program the job in with the factory.


The manufacturing process of the staircase commences in our factory where the staircase material is cut and machined to the exact sizes that have been drawn from your selection. Templates are made for curved or steel staircases to give the final layout to build the staircase too. Curved frames are assembled for radial stairs so the laminating of the boards can commence so we can form the timber to the radius that is required. All the exposed timber that is machined on your staircase will be sanded and finished at a 150 to 180 grit finish. 

Depending on the work load and special material that may be required, a general guide for the lead time required to make your staircase is as follows
-        MDF staircases – 1 to 2 weeks
-        Solid Maple or Tasmanian Oak staircases – 3 to 4 weeks
-        Solid Hardwood staircases – 4 to 5 weeks
-        Steel staircases 5 – 7 weeks
-        Curved timber staircases 6 – 8 weeks


Once the staircase is manufactured, our installers will load the staircase, deliver and assemble the stairs in your home. You will be advised prior to the installation day to make sure that the area is clear to work in and any scaffolding removed. It is a better finish if the plasterboard is completed before we install the stairs. It is also a good idea (but not essential) to install the staircase before any tiles are laid on the ground or first floor.

In most cases the staircase and balustrade is installed and completed on the same day which allows you to use the staircase once the glue has dried. If a staircase renovation is required, our installers will remove the existing staircase (if included in the quote) and install the new one on the same day.
From there, your painter and carpenters can continue work around the staircase. 

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