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So your staircase is looking a little old or tired; or maybe it just isn’t practical for your lifestyle. Whatever your dilemma, Designer Staircases can certainly help you out. We can work with your existing staircase to give it the revamp that it needs, or we can replace the whole thing, catering to the design and time period of the home. By removing the stair and/or balustrade, we can give your home an entirely new look, which can change the feel of a home completely. We can also install walls under the staircase and assist in the installation of the plasterboard lining, as well as doing simple modifications to your home, to ensure that it accommodates for your new stair or balustrade.

A few quick pointers to consider:

  • If you want to renew your existing balustrade, the existing stair construction must be taken into account. Sometimes the newel posts on the staircase are built into the stair in a way that prevents them from being removed. A simple balustrade renovation can mean removing the entire staircase. We have methods of dealing with these situations but it may be necessary to re-consider the desired look of the balustrade to what you originally had in mind. We will always try our best to give you the finish that you have in mind, but sometimes it just isn’t possible.
  • Some homes built before a certain period have now got balustrade heights and openings that do not comply with the current BCA (Building Code of Australia) standards. When renovating, it is necessary to keep this in mind as the new handrails and balusters will have to comply with the current BCA requirements.
  • It is not un-common for the entire staircase to be completely removed and replaced. Some instances involve just as much labour and time in renovating and trying to use the existing stair structure when it is actually cheaper for us to remove the old staircase and balustrade and replace it with a fresh and modern looking new staircase that is finished exactly the way you want it….. All done on the same day, so that you can use the stairs by the time you arrive home that afternoon.
  • If you are considering ‘just ripping up the carpet and putting some timber treads down on the old staircase’, this can cause some problems with the finished heights of the steps where the stair meets the ground and the first floor levels. The timber tread thicknesses that we use to cover your old staircase can range from 19mm to 30mm in thickness. Take note of this, as it may require that you remove the existing staircase and put a new staircase in to achieve the correct heights otherwise you will be left with a nasty trip hazard.
  • When removing an existing staircase, there may be the need to remove some existing walls and cupboard areas under the staircase that may be an obstruction to the new stair design. We will try to minimise the impact that we have on your existing home but sometimes it just doesn’t work. We will advise you at the time of the check-measure of any modifications that need to take place to the surrounding walls in order for the new staircase installation to be completed.
  • Last but not least…… generally you are not required to apply or obtaining any council permits or applications for a stair renovation, if it does not involve modifying any part of the home that is structural. But…. It is always a good idea to check with your local authority to make sure that none of these are required before you commence any work.

To obtain a quote:
These easy steps can help us work out a fairly accurate quote on your stair renovation.
Take some digital photos of the staircase from the ground floor and the first floor. Try to show each of the runs of balustrade that already existing in your home.
Grab a tape measure and measure the heights of the handrails that are on your existing staircase. (Measure from the floor level to the top of any horizontal balustrade. Any balustrade on the staircase needs to be measured vertically at the point of the front of one of the steps to the top of the handrail. (Refer to the diagram).
Browse through our website and choose a design that you would like your new stair to look like or mix and match the components from our brochure. Email the photos and your ideas to us at and we will give you a fairly accurate idea of what your stair renovation will cost and any issues that we may see with the work that will be required.

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