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4 S.E.E the future in lighting with the latest LED technology. SKOFF, a professional manufacturer of lighting fixtures, have been committed to producing products to the highest European standards for the last 12 years.

Designer Staircases are now one of the few selected dealers in Australia of this latest bright and energy efficient lighting system to hit the market. This European product will amaze you. Their latest product, MUSIC LINE, builds on this reputation, incorporating unique designs and utilising the latest in LED technology. MUSIC LINE includes ultra flat fixtures that employ semi-conducting LEDs as their main source of light. By emitting the LED in two planes, the light source within the unit becomes invisible, resulting in an even glow effect.

This design is unique and has been patented by SKOFF. This remarkably designed lighting system enables it to be easily adapted into many parts of the home.

Designer Staircases can now incorporate different light shapes and styles into many areas of our large staircase range. They are commonly used for effect and are mounted in either the risers, on the treads or into the walls of the stairwell. The LED lighting source comes in a choice of 4 vibrant colours to suit a variety of applications. Their low voltage system, short circuit overload protection drivers and hermetic construction mean they are particularly suited to household wet areas like kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

Feel free to contact us about this product or read through our brochure for more information.

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